Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo is a Victim of Medical Records Fraud

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For the sake of argument I identify these levels or "stages" by which doctors judge what to do with a patient:

Stage 1 - Beyond hope ("pull the plug")
Stage 2 - Hope ("let them live but don't rehabilitate them")
Stage 3 - No need to 'hope' - can improve ("rehabilitate")

I allege Medical Records Fraud perpetrated on the Schindlers. On all counts. Not because all documents are GUARANTEED to be fraudulent, but because - when someone has already done it once - why not for "all" of them? (Remember there's only one CT scan and one EEG in question; they were unwilling to consent to "further" tests.) Consider:

We already know of the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence (from patient examinations & eyewitness testimony) that Terri is a Stage 3 patient. The peer review on the latest patient exams is clear and incontrovertible (except by those very same "medical records"). As we've already pointed out here, the CT scan is clearly of a Stage 1 patient (not even a Stage 2). Therefore, it CAN'T be Terri's brain scan.

It is my contention:

1. Whatever blood or other fluid entered Terri's brain from head trauma early on in her treatment (so-called "hydrocephalus") was well-contained and had other effects and outcomes - NOT this one. Or else we'd have known it by [not] talking to the woman.

2. The patient here in this scan is a very sick person indeed. Their cortical atrophy puts them in Stage 1, with "no hope" - and no verbal interaction either. (Terri gave one heck of a scream the other day as you recall. The only question in the judge's mind was whether it was her expressing her will to live or just a moan.)

If we get our heads out of the weeds a minute and THINK, it's obvious this can't be Terri's CT scan. And that means we might as well throw out the EEGs and Dr. Cranford's testimony as well. (!)

Recall that he's the man who used a "balloon video" (which clearly demonstrated Stage 3) and a CT scan (which clearly demonstrated Stage *1*) and "averaged" his way to the conclusion that Terri has PVS (Stage 2) rather than conclude that one of the exhibits was obviously faked. I guess he really is the man of compromise.

THEN he argued - the slimeball that he is - that because of the "irrefutable" nature of the Stage 1 diagnosis on the CT scan, plain for all to see (which isn't a lie), that Terri was a new kind of "PVS" patient - one with no hope (Stage 1).

That the CT scan wasn't even Terri's had either not been considered, or had not been admitted.


Get the word out to the world IMMEDIATELY!

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